The Unexpected Benefit of Swimming

How Learning to Swim Can Bring More Community into Your Life When you think of the benefits of swimming, you probably imagine all the health-related reasons to jump into the pool. Increased stamina. Better lung capacity. Improved balance, flexibility, and strength. While all those reasons are true and valid, there is also an unexpected benefit […]

5 Reasons Why Swimming in the Cold Seasons Is Good for You

Top Reasons to Get into the Pool This Fall and Winter Sometimes just the thought of being wet in the winter months can be enough to turn us away from the beloved pool. Resisting the urge to hibernate and opting for a cool dip in the pool, though, provide many worthwhile health and mood benefits. […]

Is Swimming Good for Your Brain? Experts Say Yes!

Top Brain Benefits of Swimming Exercise can help keep you young. This is said so much it’s almost lost all meaning. Growing research, however, suggests there’s something special and unique about swimming. Is swimming good for your brain? Researchers, scientists, and experts have long agreed any exercise is beneficial to brain health, but now they […]

How Swimming Can Help You Get into College

Top Benefits of Swimming in College It’s no secret that colleges and universities are getting more expensive. Trends in college pricing are only going up, with tuition at the average four-year university rising 3.4 percent annually from 2005 to 2016. It’s also no secret that college admission is more competitive than ever before. It’s not […]