WeAquatics Customer Reviews and Testimonials

Since opening our doors, WeAquatics has had one goal: to make our customers more confident swimmers and our community safer.

Knowledge. Patience. Safety.

See what our customers are saying and why they love our infant and adult DMV swim lessons!

4.8 rating out of 16 Google reviews

“WeAquatics provided lessons for our intensive 10-week summer camp program. They made it incredibly easy for us to get campers to their lessons and let us focus on the most important part—their swimming experience. Their expert swim instructors were attentive to our needs, prompt, and flexible with our scheduling. It was great seeing campers improve and become more confident swimmers over the summer. We were thrilled to work with WeAquatics!”

–Brenna, The Madeira School, Camp Greenway

We have been working with Coach Brad for over a month and our little Mia (16 months) is already floating and turning in the water on her own. He has been so patient and kind while pushing her to work harder and excel. We couldn’t be happier with our decision in working with We Aquatics and their ISR program.

Heather Miller

My 3 year old is currently taking lessons through WeAquatics. The instructor is far superior than any other we’ve had. He is kind and professional and encouraging. My son is in the Learn-To-Swim program because he is an independent swimmer.


I just want to recognize Coach Shannon for her ease in communicating and training of this sport. For Shannon, coaching comes off naturally and it shows greatly in her work. I appreciate her patience especially as an adult learning to swim, this will take time. She’s a good one and I hope that she continues to go far with WeAquatics.

Amanda Allanah

Darell is exceptional! He is so calm with the kids and so encouraging. I am amazed by his patience, focus and dedication.

WeAquatics Parent

David is very sweet and gentle with our daughter. He is very careful about making sure she’s comfortable in the water before he starts the lesson. It’s comforting to her and me!


Brad is seriously the best. I could not have dreamed of a better instructor for Vivi. He is so attuned to where the kids are, in addition to being uncommonly kind and knowledgeable. It has been really amazing to watch him reach and see how much she has progressed in a short time. Thank you!!!

WeAquatics Parent

Brad, David, and Margie have all been absolutely wonderful with my child and what seems to be all of the children that attend WeAquatics. They are all extremely patient and very nice, not to mention in just 6 short weeks my child can roll over and float on his own. I highly recommend ISR through WeAquatics. We look forward to continuing our classes weekly.

Rosebelle L

My 6 year old would literally run scared from the pool and today with WeAquatics, he jumped off the diving board. Raul has worked with him at his own pace, formed a trust, and achieved such progress. For him, it’s more than just being able to swim- his growth in confidence is translating to less fear and more confidence in life in general. Highly recommend.

Jennifer Heck Olsen

We have done swimming lessons through Alexandria, the Y and WeAquatics. We have a 3 year old that has done all 3 programs, and our 9 month old has gone to both Alexandria and the Y.

Anonymous Parent

WeAquatics has been phenomenal teaching our three kids (infant to five years old) to swim! For the past four summers, we have worked with David, and after his personal attention and instruction, our kids now swim like fishes. David has been friendly, gentle, professional, and so easy to get along with, and he’s also flexible, not only with the kids but the schedule. These classes are amazing and quite priceless!

The Kimmels

David was just wonderful, so calm and collected no matter the situation or the mood of the children on any given day. I was most impressed with him, from start to finish. I plan on enrolling my 9 month old once he has access to the pool again.


Watching how Darell Hungerford has taught our baby girl life saving swimming skills has just been awesome. She’s progressed quickly from crying in the pool to floating with confidence. Despite a lot of tears (and screaming), Coach D was patient and helped our daughter build important foundational swimming skills.

Lindsay A.