The Unexpected Benefit of Swimming

How Learning to Swim Can Bring More Community into Your Life

When you think of the benefits of swimming, you probably imagine all the health-related reasons to jump into the pool. Increased stamina. Better lung capacity. Improved balance, flexibility, and strength. While all those reasons are true and valid, there is also an unexpected benefit of swimming that fewer people consider: community.

Benefit of Swimming

3 Reasons to Become Part of the Swimming Community

1. Connect with Likeminded People

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Whether you’re learning to swim for safety, fun, health, or some combination of those reasons, learning to swim puts you in direct contact with the swimming community.

Even if you’re taking private swim lessons, you’re still engaging with an entire group of people who are united around the love of swimming.

“For me, swimming has always been a place to meet people. To find a supportive community,” said David Worrell, founder of WeAquatics. “It’s no surprise I wanted to build a pillar like that in our new home in greater Washington, DC.”

2. Make the Community as a Whole Safer

The advantages of swimming aren’t just limited to the students. Swim instructors can benefit from contributing to the community as well.

“I grew up surrounded by oceans and seas, and water has always been a big part of my life,” said WeAquatics swim instructor Dhalia Pierre. “By joining the WeAquatics team, I get to be part of a life-changing experience for so many children.”

Teaching people how to swim is a rewarding, community-minded process. It’s all about helping others be safer, providing people with access to more opportunities, and creating an environment that promotes fun and health.

“A lot has changed [about WeAquatics], but swimming is always what pulls us together,” said Worrell. “Together we are strong. Even after all the evolution of the business, I can still confidently say we’re a community built around growth and support.”

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3. Commit to the Swimming Journey

Whenever you’re starting something new, it can be difficult. Learning how to swim requires practice and patience. Entering into the swimming community and feeling that sense of belonging can help you push through any difficulties, anxieties, or setbacks you experience in the pool.

When you have a community mindset, it’s less about you learning this new thing all on your own and more about a collective effort.

When you feel that support, it becomes much easier to reach your personal swimming goals.

In fact, having an accountability partner can actually increase your chance of reaching a goal by 65 percent.

Join the WeAquatics Community Today

After understanding the different benefit of swimming, are you ready to learn how to swim? Do you want to step into a supportive community built around showing respect, focusing on growth, and helping you reach personalized goals?

Then enroll with WeAquatics today, and see what a difference community can make!