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Rated as one of the safest, most knowledgable swim coaches serving Washington and Virginia

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WeAquatics ensures swimming confidence with the right balance of supportive teaching and challenging lessons.

Our enthusiastic instructors make swimming fun. We guide students through each session with our proven swimming methods, and offer tips on technique and form. So if you’re looking for the best in private/semi-private lessons, join WeAquatics today!

Always Fun

We don’t steer all our swimmers in one direction – our goal is to provide an opportunity to enjoy the water.


We focus on improving technique and moving at a pace set by the student.


WeAquatics is renowned for our 4.9/5 star rating as the best swim coaches.

High Success Rate

WeAquatics is a renowned leader for our infant swimming training and exemplary high student success rate.

  • WeAquatics has been phenomenal in teaching our 3 kids how to swim from infant to 5 years old. Every summer for the past 4 years starting when our first kid was 10 months old we have been working with David. This summer was just touch up coaching done in short intervals where each kid got personal and intense attention and instruction. The result is they swim like fishes from my 5-year-old to my almost 2-year-old.

    Shawn K
  • My 3 year old is currently taking lessons through WeAquatics. The instructor  is far superior than any other we’ve had. He is kind and professional and encouraging. My son is in the Learn to Swim program because he is an independent swimmer.

  • We have done swimming lessons through Alexandria, the Y and WeAquatics. We have a 3 year old that has done all 3 programs, and our 9 month old has gone to both Alexandria and the Y.

    Anonymous Parent

One of the top experts in ISR: Infant Swimming Resources™

We are passionate about swimming, and we want our students to feel just as excited about getting into the pool.

WeAquatics started out with a focus on child swimmers but has since launched classes to suit all ages and abilities.

Our idea of a swim club is one that is friendly and supportive. Whatever your level, we will help improve your technique at a pace comfortable to you.

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