Physical Education in the Age of Distance Learning

Choose Swimming as a Safe, Fun, Healthy Way to Stay Active

As we quickly enter the 2020–2021 school year, there’s still a lot of uncertainty about the exact logistics of how school is going to operate. Let’s check the box for physical education.

In this age of digital learning, it’s often up to the parents to implement a schedule of regular physical activity for their children. Given that, here are three important reasons to consider enrolling your children in swim lessons this fall:

Reason #1: Keeping Active Is More Important Now Than Ever


Physical activity is always crucial for young children, but getting out and playing is especially important now. With many sports-related programs limited or canceled altogether, swim lessons can be one activity children look forward to this fall.

This is a stressful time, and that holds true for parents and children alike. Finding something your kids can get excited about that’s also a great full-body workout is an amazing way for your children to maintain their mental, emotional, and physical health. (Sound good? Parents could definitely benefit from these lessons too. Don’t forget to check out our Learn-To-Swim program for adults.)

Reason #2: Swimming Is a Safe Way to Stay Active


Swimming, unlike other team sports, can be done one-on-one between a student and an instructor. This limits the amount of contact that’s necessary between your child and others.

The CDC has also deemed swimming in chlorinated water to be safe because coronavirus can’t survive in that environment. The CDC does still recommend wearing a mask, limiting the surfaces you touch, and social distancing while at a public pool. (For a detailed breakdown of the safety protocols WeAquatics uses at our pools, read here.)

With a few simple precautions, swimming is a great, safe way for your children to stay active this autumn and beyond.

Reason #3: Swimming Is an Important Life Skill


With distance learning, a child’s physical fitness routine is largely up to you. You and your family get to decide, which is an exciting opportunity! Swimming is an amazing option not only because it’s safe, healthy, and fun but because you’re gifting your children with an important life skill.

Water competence can truly help save lives. Some reports associate formal swimming lessons with an 88 percent reduction in the risk of drowning (in one- to four-year-old kids). Whatever the statistics, learning how to swim can irrefutably make your children more confident and safer around water.

If your child’s school routine this fall won’t include a formal physical education course, consider enrolling him or her in swimming lessons. The reasons to start swim lessons are always numerous, but it’s a particularly great option this fall. Check out these top five benefits we put together, and then explore what classes we offer.

We hope to see you in the pool soon!