ISR: Infant Swimming Resource™

Our Infant Swimming Resource lessons are the best
way for infants to start a lifelong relationship with swimming.

For best results, students should expect to swim 5 days per week (Monday–Friday).

The high frequency of these Infant Swimming Resource (ISR) lessons is intended to help improve muscle memory. Generally, students will master the course within 5–7 weeks of consistent lessons.

The ISR program’s short duration makes it ideal for young children, as it breaks the swimming basics into simple learning bites for easy application. Though it’s natural to skip some lessons, bear in mind that breaks in the course might end up lengthening the process.

Who are Infant Swimming Resource lessons for?

Infant Swimming Resource (ISR) lessons are available to infants and children 6 months of age and older. Our lessons are private, meaning students will be able to learn at their own pace and in a safe environment.

What makes Infant Swimming Resource lessons special?

All ISR lessons are private (1:1) and last for 10 minutes. That means we can focus on the student for the duration of his or her lesson. Students are taught age-appropriate lifesaving skills. Students under 15 months focus on rolling over from a facedown position in the water to an unassisted float. Students 15 months and older learn to swim facedown for 3–5 seconds. They are then taught to roll over and float unassisted in order to rest and breathe. No other program breaks these skills down and applies them in this way.


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