Why Should You Start Spring Swimming Lessons?

3 Benefits of Learning to Swim in Spring

With spring right around the corner, you’re probably thinking about enjoying warmer temperatures, planting early flowers, and cleaning out that neglected corner of the garage. Don’t forget, though, spring is also a great time to learn to swim! Here are three reasons to sign up for spring swimming lessons.

Spring into Swim Lessons This Season

Whether you’re looking for private swim lessons for you or your child, here are some key advantages to starting this spring.

1. Start Now…Be Ready for the Summer

spring swim lessons

Everyone wants to know: How long does it take to learn how to swim?

The answer, of course, is that it depends.

If you start now, though, and you’re dedicated to your swimming lessons, it’s entirely possible to be ready to swim come summer.

From beach trips to pool parties, swim lessons can make you more confident and safe in and around the water.

This can relieve stress and worry around family vacations, gatherings, and parties that involve water activities.

2. Use Spring Break to Get a Head Start

One of the hardest things about starting swim lessons is finding the time to fit them into already hectic schedules.

If you have school-age children, spring break is a great opportunity to start the swim lesson process. Children are off school, and parents are looking for fun, productive, healthy activities to fill those days.

Use that opportunity to introduce your child to swim lessons. Infant swimming lessons are available for children from six months to four years. These focus on water self-rescue.

For older children and adults (anyone four years or older), one-on-one private swim lessons are available. More traditional swim lessons, these sessions focus on stroke fundamentals and proper swimming technique.

3. Get Your Preferred Location, Instructor, and Time Slot

swim lessons in the spring

A lot of families don’t think about swim lessons until the summer rolls around.

This makes sense. Children are out of school. Parents are looking for something to fill those days. The weather is beautiful, and swimming is already on everyone’s mind.

Joining swim lessons outside of summer, though, offers some distinct advantages.

As we already touched on, you won’t be learning how to swim in the summer; you’ll be ready to go. You’ll have already put in the work in the winter or spring months.

Also, because fewer people think about swimming lessons in the spring, you’ll have a better chance of locking in the situation that works for you and your family.

The means the ideal:

    • Swim school
    • Swim instructor
    • Pool location
    • Lesson time slot

Lessons at a
highly rated swim school do fill up fast, so there are no guarantees. Signing up in spring, though, should mean less competition for those limited spots and a better chance of working with your top swimming school choice.

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