Shorter Infant Swimming Classes Are More Effective in Nurturing a Positive Association with Water

Shorter, Concentrated Swim Classes Means Focused, One-on-One Instruction

Short Swimming Classes

One question we hear often is, ‘Why only 10 minutes? Is that enough time for my child to learn?’

At WeAquatics, Infant Swimming Resources™ (ISR) 10-minute, five-day-a-week classes are designed to maximize learning and retention within this focused timeframe.

Here’s why these short lessons are optimal for effective learning.

Tailored to Your Child’s Attention Spans & Development

One of the primary reasons for the 10-minute class duration is to align with the attention spans and developmental rhythms of infants and toddlers.

Attention spans vary greatly based on age and individual development. In general, younger children have shorter attention spans than older kids. According to child development experts, the average attention span for a two-year-old is 3-10 minutes, while a three-year-old’s is around 4-15 minutes.

By keeping lessons concise at 10 minutes, our instructors can maximize when your child is most engaged and receptive to learning. Longer lessons may lead to disengagement, frustration, and a less effective learning experience, as infants and toddlers require frequent shifts in activities and stimuli to maintain focus.

Focused, One-on-One Instruction

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Unlike group classes, where children may spend significant time waiting their turn, ISR classes are always one-on-one. This personalized approach means that each child receives undivided attention from our certified instructors throughout the 10-minute class.

During this time, instructors can closely observe your child’s progress, provide immediate feedback, and adjust instruction accordingly.

Each class is dedicated to building on the students’ skill sets, improving their weaknesses, and nourishing their strengths.

This focused, individualized instruction allows for more efficient learning and skill development. This is why most students complete the ISR program within 5-6 weeks.

Minimizes Physical & Mental Fatigue

Swimming is physically and mentally demanding, especially for young children still developing strength and endurance. A 10-minute lesson is often ideal to prevent fatigue and ensure students are engaged and receptive during repetitive skill-building.

Longer lessons can lead to exhaustion, which can hinder learning ability.  By keeping lessons short, our instructors can maintain high energy and enthusiasm, creating a positive learning environment and keeping them excited about their next class!

Nurture a Positive Association with Water

Swimming Classes at WeAquatics

WeAquatics aims to foster a positive and comfortable relationship with water at an early age. Keeping lessons brief and enjoyable creates a pressure-free environment that nurtures your child’s confidence and love of swimming.

Our patient and nurturing instructors understand that each child’s journey with water is unique. It takes time to build trust, offer reassurance, and celebrate milestones, no matter how small!

This positive reinforcement during our short lessons can impact your child’s perception of water and their willingness to continue learning and developing their aquatic survival skills.

Progressive Learning and Development

While lessons may be short, the ISR program is designed to be progressive and comprehensive. Each 10-minute class builds on the skills learned in the previous classes while learning new skills and reinforcing existing ones.

By age four, children’s attention span and skills have developed enough to move on to Learn-to-Swim, a WeAquatics program designed to build on the skills learned in ISR to the next level by focusing on stroke fundamentals, technique, and endurance. These 30-minute lessons once a week match their age and development.

Short, But Sweet Swimming Classes at WeAquatics

We understand that every child is unique, and their learning journey is personal. Our 10-minute ISR classes are carefully crafted to provide an optimal learning environment for building survival swim skills that respect your child’s developmental attention span, minimize fatigue, and help them progress at their own pace. 

WeAquatics wants to foster a lifelong love of swimming. By keeping our ISR classes short, students enjoy their time in the water and remain stress-free and optimistic for their upcoming classes.

Discover the difference at WeAquatics with our Infant Swimming Resources™ 10-minute classes.