David Worrell: ‘Swimming is my Life’

David Worrell is enthusiastic about swimming, to say the least, and he is causing some ripples in a pretty large pond in the Washington, DC area. We had a chance to catch up with him while he was visiting his family over the Christmas season and here’s what he had to say:


What was your educational background?

As a child, I attended the Carmen Rene Memorial School. I then went on to Saint Mary’s College before heading to Howard University where I graduated with a Bachelors Degree in Finance in 2007.


What ignited your passion for swimming?

I’ve been swimming all my life, so I’d have to say my parents. They are the ones who introduced me to it and have always fostered my love for the sport by encouraging me to teach and coach swimming from as early as my teens, at the Rodney Heights Aquatic Centre which my family owns and operates. I continued coaching throughout university and therefore when I ultimately decided to pursue my true passion I had a fair amount of experience with swimmers of all ages and skill levels.


What have you been doing since finishing school?

I worked in management consulting for about a year and a half before I was a victim of the downturn in the economy and unfortunately I was laid off. But they say every misfortune is a blessing in one way or the other and that was the case here as well. Eventually, after some soul searching, my love for swimming and my enthusiasm for interacting and working with people began to re-emerge. I thought long and hard about what made me happy and truly allowed me to be myself. The choice was clear; I established myself as a full-time swimming instructor … and I haven’t looked back since (smiles).


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