Learn the Basics of Breathing in Swimming

breathe when swimming

Tips for Making Rhythmic Breathing Second Nature One of the biggest challenges for new swimmers is learning how to coordinate rhythmic breathing. Mastering when and how to breathe is vital while swimming laps without getting fatigued or choking on water. Proper breathing while swimming is the best way to increase lung capacity. Proper breathing techniques […]

5 Ways Committing to Swim Lessons Promotes an Active Lifestyle

Scheduled Swim Lessons

Commitment, Consistency, and Swim Lessons Are Key to Building Healthy Lifestyle Choices After a holiday season of snuggling on the couch, enjoying decadent foods, and doing less physical activity, many commit to healthier practices come New Year. There’s a collective push toward focusing on health, physical well-being, and balanced living for ourselves and our loved […]

How the O’Briens Moved from Infant Swimming to Private Swim Lessons to Swim Team

Infant Swim Lessons to Swim Team

4 Things Parents Should Expect When Transitioning between Swim Lessons Katie O’Brien and her two sons, Drew and Teddy, have been with WeAquatics for over five years. Drew, her eldest, has gone through every available swim program (Infant Swimming Resource, Learn-To-Swim, and Young Masters), and her youngest is currently in infant swimming maintenance lessons. If […]