5 Ways Committing to Swim Lessons Promotes an Active Lifestyle

Commitment, Consistency, and Swim Lessons Are Key to Building Healthy Lifestyle Choices

After a holiday season of snuggling on the couch, enjoying decadent foods, and doing less physical activity, many commit to healthier practices come New Year. There’s a collective push toward focusing on health, physical well-being, and balanced living for ourselves and our loved ones.

Swim lessons are a practical, enjoyable way to promote an active lifestyle, to improve your mood, and to make friends along the way. 

Here are five ways committing to swim lessons builds, models, and passes on an active lifestyle.’

Building Healthy Lifestyle Choices

1. Regularly Scheduled Swim Lessons Make Swimming a Habit

Every scientist seems to claim a different number of days it takes to form a new habit. Healthline states it takes sixty-six days, on average, for a habit to become “automatic.” By that logic, committing to at least two months of regular swim lessons should be enough to create a new, active habit for you or your family members. 

2. Creating a Routine Makes Swimming Lessons Part of an Easy-to-Manage Rhythm

Scheduled Swim Lessons

Routine is a big part of successful habit formation. For children and adults, a regular structure to life creates a predictable, easy-to-repeat habit. 

Choosing to participate in swim lessons at the same day and time each week, for example, can help make going to the pool part of your routine.

Automatically completing relevant tasks, such as having your towel and suit dry and ready, getting to the pool on time, and being in the mood to swim, is hard at first but gets easier with a routine. 


According to the Harvard Business Review

A behavior has to be a regularly performed routine before it can become a habit at all. The problem is that many of us try to skip the ‘routine’ phase.” 

Remembering things like your swim bag can be difficult during the initial commitment to swimming lessons, but give yourself time to adjust to the new routine. Promote success by creating a task list or by setting reminders in your calendar. Attending swimming lessons fully prepared will eventually become second nature.

What else do regular swimming lessons do for swimmers?

3. Regular Intervals in the Pool Produce Improvements for Swimmers

When committing to swimming lessons, swimmers of all ages make strides. Seeing improvements is a big motivator and can help you keep going. Having regular lessons leads to these improvements, as well as the opportunity to positively impact the swimmer’s physical fitness. 

4. Swimming Lessons Help Swimmers Make Friends

Participating in swim lessons encourages community-oriented physical activity.

When swimmers connect with others in the pool, there is a sense of togetherness, friendship, and common purpose. Rather than feeling isolated while trying to improve their physical fitness, swimmers who take lessons get to know the community and feel a sense of belonging. The pool becomes a place to focus on physical activity while also forming meaningful connections. 

5. Regularly Swimming with a Coach Promotes Accountability and Helps You Reach Your Health and Performance Goals

Health and Performance Goals

The WeAquatics coaches form genuine relationships with their students. This helps swimmers learn, grow, and feel confident when trying something new. Regular sessions with their coaches help swimmers improve stroke technique, reach performance goals, and remain physically active. 

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Swimming lessons are a wonderful way to promote physical fitness for yourself and your family.

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