Get to Know the WeAquatics Instructors: Meet Emeka Brooks

At WeAquatics, we feel so blessed to have such a talented, dedicated, and enthusiastic core of instructors. Even though everyone came to the sport in different ways and brings unique specialties and strengths, we all have one thing in common: a passion for bringing the rigor, competitive spirit, and sheer fun of swimming to our students!

This month, we’re featuring Emeka Brooks, a pivotal member of our talented instructor team.

Swim Instructor Emeka Brooks

Keeping It in the Family

Emeka first learned to swim at the age of five, and like so many young athletes before him, the passion for the sport was sparked by a family member.

“Growing up, I always used to watch my mom swimming laps, and I wanted to keep up with her,” says Emeka.

Developing a love for the sport, Emeka eventually joined his high school swim team, and then he continued swimming competitively throughout college.

Choosing from Two Paths

A skilled athlete, Emeka participated in both high school track and swimming. Initially his skill set aligned more with track, and he thought that might be where he’d put the majority of his effort. However, he swam club during the summers with Coach Darrell and ended up making significant strides.

By excelling in swimming, he was encouraged to put all his effort and energy into that sport. Reaping the rewards of all his hard work, Emeka ended up swimming for the Howard University swim team.

“Howard University is the only HBCU [historically black colleges and universities] left with a swimming and diving team,” says Emeka, “and joining was the best decision I could have made.”

Breaking Expectations and Conquering Fear

For Emeka, being a swimmer is just one way he’s defying expectations.

“Being a tall black man, everyone thinks I should be playing basketball. I find joy in saying I’m a swimmer,” says Emeka. “I also gain a lot of respect from other athletes because of how demanding swimming is.”

Beyond the physically challenging elements, swimming is also a unique sport because of its relationship to safety.

“We’re not just teaching kids a sport,” says Emeka. “This skill could actually save a life, and it’s a skill most people are too afraid to acquire. I’m proud to play my part in conquering that fear.”

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Taking the Unexpected Path 

While some people know their whole lives they want to be teachers, Emeka didn’t actually envision this as his path. Now that he’s teaching, though, he can’t imagine it any other way.

“It’s so interesting being a swim instructor,” says Emeka. “Even though I never thought specifically about teaching, now that I am, it’s amazing helping a new generation become safe and strong swimmers.”

Outside the Pool

When he’s not heating up the race lanes, Emeka is firing up the grill. A seasoned cook, Emeka has been an avid watcher of the Food Network since he was just eight years old, when his mom would turn it on and hone her cooking skills.

As evidenced by his dedication to his students, Emeka is a strong believer in giving back, and whenever his busy schedule allows it, he volunteers his time at various organizations. Emeka is also a member of the Alpha Phi Omega national service fraternity

If you’re interested in working with Coach Emeka or anyone else on our talented staff, don’t hesitate to reach out! We provide swim lessons to anyone, starting with children as young as six months.